Nighttime At The Docks

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The Naiads

The Maiden Isles

The Lampads

The DanieLand Herald

Interview w/We Are Playgrounds

Interview w/We Are Playgrounds

On June 29th, 11:30am PST, the interview I did with We Are Playgrounds will premier! We...
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"La Luna Flora" TLE Print Coming Soon...

"La Luna Flora" TLE Print Coming Soon...

"La Luna Flora" Timed Limited Edition Print EDIT: MAY 30th 9am PDT, friends! Let's do t...
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Under Renovations

WE ARE BEING RENOVATED AND IT'LL BE WORTH IT. This is really just a test. A placeholde...
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Original Art

The Spectre

He could be seen in the light of the full moon, floating across the rice paddies.

The Spectre. The villagers didn't know what else to call him.

He was never threatening. Never hostile. He just wandered, as though looking for something.

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Nox Custos

Jaya crouched, motionless. She had learned from the ancient trees. She could keep still for hours. Perched high in the canopy of Divinus Silva, one of the last primeval forests, she watched the interlopers quietly pad along trails older than Men.
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In The Lost City Of Angels...

There lived a not-so-little artist that loved his whisky. Like a lot. But not in a drun...
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The Offering

Niflin had made it. At last. The Sacred Flame was safe and flickered joyfully.
She'd thought more than once on her journey that it might be sentient.
And it seemed to perk up when they alighted before its ancient friend.

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