"La Luna Flora" TLE Print Coming Soon...

"La Luna Flora" TLE Print Coming Soon...

"La Luna Flora" Timed Limited Edition Print

EDIT: MAY 30th 9am PDT, friends! Let's do this!

Coming soon. Very soon! I hope. There were some last minute unforeseen details to address, so we'll see. The pre-order for this print IS DROPPING MAY 30th 9am PDT. I know I've teased this print for a while. Now the wait is nearly over. Decent product shots are a little more involved than I'd anticipated. Not like shooting something organic where texture and blur are "fun". I figured folks would actually want to see what the product looked like. Imagine that. I'm also waiting to hear back on the final numbers for printing, packaging and shipping... as well as a resale permit. Fun!

Price per print will be $250 USD and $10 flat rate shipping.

La Luna Flora will be available in the Limited Editions shop. 

"La Luna Flora" is about facing our inner demons and using what we learn from our internal struggles as a way to grow and face the outer world. It is a UV print on metallic gold foil with a mirror finish that brings life to the image as you move around it. It will be printed at the same size as the original drawing, 16" width by 22" height. 



And of course, photos don't quite do it justice. Even video only almost catches a bit of the life the piece emotes. Every bit of gold seems to move and breathe as you walk past and they catch all the lights and shadows. Just wait and see. You're going to love it!



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